About Us (Who is ARALIT?)

Our staff is a group of friends from several countries that after years working and escalating in tourism positions, decided to start this venture we call ARALIT (from the original Taíno language: the People/Us). Our meaning to this words reflect the importance we give to ourselves, the environment and our Guests, because we believe in one human race intertwine with each other and the Mother Earth. This is why we choose to live in paradise, and this is what we want to supply.

The same motivation leaded us to become Tour Operators. We want to be a friend that will look for you the better activities for fulfilling your vacation with the right activities to enrich your whole experience during your stay in Caribbean. We have over 10 years of experience in tourism in the coast of Dominican Republic, and we do know what we are doing.

Because, yes, you´re at the Caribbean, yes you have private beach and a Piña Colada in one hand, a hand-made mature-cigar on the other; while you can smell the wild caught lobster the chef is grilling for you…. what comes next? Just pick up the kind of tour you want to indulge yourself with, and give your friends even more reason to envy you! Take the photos of your life, and collect memories that will last forever.

There are so much things to do, that the main trouble would be what to do first: something relaxing like a backhorse ride or fun as a party boat, adventure-like as swimming with dolphins or even more EXTREME as a zip line and Tarzan swing. There are cultural tours, historical type as going to Colonial Zones in Santo Domingo or Puerto plata, or nature encounter as whale watching or National park guided visits.



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