Fishing Tours in Punta Cana

Men were always astonished by the vastness of the oceans; from ancient times intrepid crafters became sailors and made this tiny blue world even smaller.

The ocean is not only a source of adventures, but it´s also a support for life: fish, sea food, sea weed and sea animals helps the human race to grow and improve its life quality in multiple ways.

But also, the ocean provides rest, beauty, peace and fun. When you come for vacations to Punta Cana is a great oportunity to spend some time of your deserved break from the work and an excellent way is to try the recreational sport of deep sea fishing.

Catching some of “BIG BOYS” will get any anglers adrenaline pumping, thrill and excitement when reeling in these big fish is guaranteed! We have served over 41 000 fishermans and 76.000 observers during all these years!

We provide you with several schedules for departures everyday, in the morning, and afternoon, and we don´t come back till we got some prizes!

On board, we will provide you with soft drinks, beer and rhum and some snacks. The tour includes transportation from/to your hotel and a guarantee catch!

We also offer the “observer” mode, in which children or friends that don´t want to actively participate on the fishing activity, but wants to live the experience, can come aboard.

Feel free to CONTACT US for further questions or BOOK NOW your tour and start thinking fo the fun you are going to have!

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