Canopy, Tarzan & Superman

Many years ago, in the Switzerland Tyrolean Alps (or at least they claim this) they developed a technic designed to transport people or equipment through the free space in between two high point linked by a rope using the gravity (one extreme of the rope was tied a bit below the level of the other extreme. Using a harness or just hanging-crawling using hands and the back of the knees. This is widely known as “Tyrolean traverse”.

They realized d that it was not only useful, but FUN. Now tyrolean traverse is more often know as “Zipline”, or in Latin America, as “Canopy”.

In many countries now, Canopy Zip line is consider one of the most fun and nature-friendly tour. The usual tours includes a guided walk on the area with people of the staff versed on the characteristics of the local flora and fauna.

Most of the Zipline companies are located on rainforests and mountain areas, so they can take advantage of the natural height of distant hills or even setting the plattforms on tall trees.

Now is usual that this companies add to the offer, “Bungee Jump”, “Tarzan Swing” and “Superman Fly”.

In Punta Cana there are two companies that offer magnificent Canopy zipline tour. Both are located in the middle of lush nature following the most rigorous standards of safety. They receive everyday over 200 travellers of all ages that goes to enjoy fun, nature and adrenaline.

The Three kind of services you can get is “Canopy Zipline”, “tarzan swing” or “Superman fly” and you have to contract them for separate or ask for a “combo” The tour includes transportation, soft drinks and snacks.

The price for each one of these is USD 95. Don´t loose your opportunity of having an amazing tour of fun and adrenaline! We will take you to our mother page if you want to BOOK NOW

Feel free to make any questionby going to the section CONTACT US

These two links provided here will take you to our mother page


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